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What is django?

Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.
Built by experienced developers, Django takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It is free and open source, has a thriving and active community, great documentation, and many options for free and paid-for support.more

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Django Features | Reasons to Learn Django

In this tutorial, we will learn about the features of Django. Why should we learn Django? Are there enough Django features that make it worth learning? What makes Django so popular?

So let’s explore some of its exciting features which have made it rule the web development market for the past few years.

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Django Features

Below are the best Django features in detail.

1. Free and Great Documentation

What makes learning fun is the easy access to the study material. And, when it comes to learning Django, its official documentation only does the work.

Django was introduced to the market with documentation far above the usual standards of open-source technologies. It has improved over time. It is considered to be the best example of open source documentation in the world.

Excellent documentation can become the reason to start your journey on Django. If you encounter any doubt in learning the stuff, the documentation is a handy tool.

2. Python Web-framework

Are you done with Python? Do you want to explore something related and exciting field? Try Django.

Django is a Python web framework for web development. It is built by some experienced developers so that you can create websites hassle-free without being a master of backend and frontend.

3. Rapid Development

Django is a framework that takes less time to build web applications. While working with Django, you don’t have to start from scratch. You only need the basic knowledge of the backend because most of the work Django handles itself.

We are not required to create separate server files to design the database and all the hectic work.

It aims to bundle as many processes as possible and take care of much of the hassle of web development. It lets you build complex, database-driven websites really quickly.

4. Versatile Nature

The versatility of an application signifies its ability to perform well in different domains. Django has spread its hand on various domains out there in the market.

Companies are using Django for building different applications from social networking sites to scientific computing, so Django is everywhere.

5. SEO Optimized

You might be thinking, what is SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is about making small modifications to the parts of the website and adding it to the search engine such that it appears to be at the top.

The job of developer and optimization of search engines are different but with Django, here is the solution.

The sitemap framework does the task. Sitemaps make the site more visible in search engine ranking as it helps crawlers to index your site content.

How it happens is quite a task, you will learn about this in upcoming articles.

6. Scalable

Scalability is the ability of a program to function well when it is changed in size or volume
to meet a user’s needs.

Your application might start small, but with time it might grow larger and you definitely want to avoid any rewrite at that time, hence it is wiser to choose such a framework that is easy to get going with.

Some example of these websites are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and

For example:- Facebook has millions of users, who are creating terabytes of data per day, and
Facebook uses Django as its framework. Hence, it proves the scalability of Django.

Hence, we can conclude by saying that, once Django applications are deployed then it is manageable by an authorized developer with a single command.

7. Security

Security is extremely important in web applications, and Django deals with it seriously. It provides the best out-of-the-box security system out there.

It helps developers avoid common security issues, including click-jacking, cross-site scripting, SQL injection (you will learn all this in the upcoming articles).

Its user authentication system provides secure ways to manage user accounts and password.

Django is been written by the web-developers keeping in the mind the future growth of the websites and also the threat of increasing vulnerabilities so that rapid development should not get hampered.

8. Time-Tested

When it comes to learning new technology, we expect it to be powerful and stable so that it can withstand any changes happening in the market.

Django for the past 13 years, straight from its first release, is such a framework that responds to new vulnerabilities in a few hours/days.

Its hard-working team usually alerts other frameworks of patches they should make. Over the years a lot of bugs and errors are solved, making Django beating all the competitors.

A lot of MNC’s are using Django as their web framework so obviously, it is satisfying their needs.

9. Object Relational Mapper(ORM)

All of you must be familiar with the SQL “Structured Query Language” that we use to
retrieve information from the database. Similarly, ORM is one of the most important features of Django, which enables you to interact with the database.

Django ORM is just clever engineering that makes developer’s life easy, so you as a developer just require the basic knowledge of SQL. ORM allows easy record database management.

10. Community Support

Django has been in the market for the past 13 years, which means it has been used by millions of users and improved by thousands of developers. It is super easy to find a community of developers who know in and out of Django and have experience coding with it

The Django community is quite large and is quick to respond to bugs and fix them.

As an open-source framework, Django is constantly improving by the means of the introduction of new libraries. Hence, all of your queries are just a click ahead.


After reading the article of Django features, we can conclude that Django is a powerful framework with many unique features.

It’s easy to write, rapid development, Great documentation, SEO optimization, security, scalability, and wide community support, and many more makes learning easier.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to become a web developer.

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